ExperiencesPerformance Management. The Phases of Employee Performance Reviews.

There’s a season of the year, when an employee’s blood, sweat, tears and toil get weighed on the scales of The Performance Review. There’s public bonhomie and cheer from some as well as frustration and stress from a whole lot more. As reportee and a reporting manager, you and I’ve been part of it all.  So what if it’s no fun at all for a lot of us. We have all shared some elements of our corporate lives here.

Here’s a little something from Scott Adams to make light of the whole rigmarole.

You can visit his page for the entire experience or have a look below to see some chosen vignettes.

Phase One : Goal Setting.

Phase Two : Planning for the review.

Stage One.

Dilbert : Performance Management

Stage Two.

Dilbert : Performance Management

Phase Three : Communicating the review.

Conversation One

Dilbert : Performance Management.

Conversation Two

Conversation Three

Dilbert : Performance Management


Conversation Four

Dilbert : Performance Management


Conversation Five


Conversation Six : The Seven Ideal Stages of Employee Behaviour during the Performance Review.

Dilbert : Performance Management


Finally, trust me this one never ever happens at all.

Phase Six : Trust me this does not happen.

Trust me this does not happen.