Agile Team

It’s not the technology, it’s the customer requirements.

Business today demands a high level of focus on the right user experience. Our team of skilled designers and artistes collaborate on producing a web app that scores very highly in this domain.

When we develop applications, we believe they should be beautiful, functional, easy to use and responsive.

Benefits of hiring dedicated team from us

Save money

We don’t suggest expensive solutions for requirements that may be filled by simple strategies. However for requirements that really justify the cost and expense of skilled developers we are very fast and cost effective.


Our development and testing teams are composed of professionals in the software industry. Combined they have nearly a century of experience in the creation, maintenance, redesign and reverse engineering of quality software.


We have mastered technologies that you may never have heard of but there are some you are very much in need of for your mobile applications.

Proming languages like Java, C# Xamarin, Kotlin and even JavaScript. Frameworks like Progressive, Angular and React. We have them all in our skillsets.


Innovation requires a key focus on User Experience as well as aesthetics. Although the look and feel and the ambiance of web apps are very important. There is a business requirement and suitability underlying all our design efforts.


Ever been stuck for support when you need it the most. Our clients never have had that experience while they are with us. We understand that never failing in business is a plan and reality is different. Failures happen but the right support gets you on your feet and conducting business quickly. That too, without losing too much in terms of time and money.

Providing clear, concise guidelines to development and project teams is not easy. It requires years of experience at creating trust, mentoring skilled craftspeople and above all retaining their enthusiasm for cutting edge work that you really need.

At Paras Parmar, we have mastered the art. All our developers and artistes are long term associates and consistently turn in their work on time and with the highest standards of quality.